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What are lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds also known as—lab created, lab-made, cultured diamond or engineered diamond. So as the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are created in highly controlled laboratory environment using advanced technologies which mimics the condition under which diamonds naturally form through geological processes beneath earth’s surface.

Diamonds created in laboratory consists the same elements as naturally formed diamonds which is pure carbon crystallized in isotropic form.

These diamonds are man-made diamonds, but are identical to mined diamonds. They are considered real diamonds as they acquire the same optical, chemical and physical properties, hence only difference between lab-grown and natural diamond is its origin.

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

There are few methods used to produce a diamond. Advanced technological methods such as— High pressure-high temperature (HPHT) or a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) which duplicates the condition under which natural diamond is formed. Depending on the methods used, combination of heat, pressure and carbon gases are used for the formation of a diamond.

In HPHT method, there are three main press designs used to supply the pressure and temperature necessary to produce a diamond: the belt press, the cubic press and the split-sphere (BARS) press. These process mimics the condition under which natural diamonds are formed—extreme high temperature and pressure required for the growth of a diamond.

In CVD method, a process begins with a thin diamond seed slice which is taken from a high quality diamond created by HPHT method. The diamond seed is then selected and cleaned,as any other elements will be crystallised during the process which can create inclusions. This diamond seed is placed into a sealed chamber and heated to extreme temperatures.The chamber is filled with carbon rich gases. These gases are ionised under intense heat, which leads to break-down of its molecular bonds and settle on the existing diamond seed. The crystallisation of the seed continues until a diamond is fully formed.

Lab Grown vs Simulants

Diamond simulants like cubic zirconia, crystals and moissanites may look similar but are not diamonds at all. Diamond simulants have different chemical and physical properties. They are completely different gem and material. On the other hand, lab-grown diamond are the same as natural diamonds,but their creation process is sped up by science. Simulants can be distinguished from natural or lab grown diamonds just by using the naked eye. However, simulants cannot be compared to lab grown or earth mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds’ properties, just like natural diamonds, have great durability, strength, lustrous beauty, scintillation and sparkle.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded?

Just like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are graded for the 4c’s— Cut, Carat , Color, Clarity. Which defines its value. 

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamond?

Diamonds created in lab goes through more sustainable process , with guaranteed ethical and environmental friendly ways, without compromising the quality and beauty of a diamond.

– Affordable than natural diamonds of comparable sizes and quality

– Without the human and environmental toll of mining 

As these diamonds are grown in a lab it makes it easier to keep up with demand without sacrificing quality or engaging in harmful processes or conflicts.

Lab Grown Diamond FAQs

Yes! Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds because they are made of crystallized carbon, just like mined diamonds and are 100% authentic. In fact, it is impossible to tell a lab-grown diamond apart from a natural diamond without specialist equipment. They are graded and certified the same way by renowned gemological institutes as naturally mined diamonds.They display the same scintillation, sparkle and fire.

The only difference between them is of its origin. A diamond created in the lab comes out exactly the same as a rough diamond that is mined. That rough diamond is then cut and polished and goes through the same process as a mined diamond.

Depending on the size of a diamond and efficiency of the technology used, it may take up to 2-6 weeks to grow a diamond.

Lab grown diamonds share the same fire and sparkle as a mined diamond. Even by using a jewellery loupe, they are nearly impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds. They are perfect to add into your daily wear or can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you get a stunning piece at affordable price with high quality that is also sustainable, ethical and environmental friendly.