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Our fine jewellery at Eayni is thoughtfully crafted with diligence and each pieces are made with high quality material to last a lifetime. However, daily wear accumulates dust particles or the wear and tear may dull the brilliance of the diamond or the metal surface. Some basic care can protect your jewellery and its lustre and brilliance for many years.

Here’s a guide to maintain the glow and sparkle of your jewellery at home.

* Take off your jewellery while applying creams, perfumes or makeup.

* Keep away from any hard detergents, bleach or any other chemicals.

* Avoid wearing jewellery in chlorinated pools, spa/hot tubs.

* Avoid wearing jewellery at gym or while playing any sports to prevent any dents/scratches.

* Store your jewellery in the original box or any clean, dry and soft fabric pouch when not in use.

DIY tips:

* To clean, immerse your jewellery in a mixture of detergent free liquid soap and warm water.

* Scrub your piece with a soft bristle toothbrush and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

We recommend you get your jewellery cleaned professionally, once a year.